The rest of an artist

Vins Grosso protrait, Berlin, aprile 2011 ©
Polaroid 635 cl
Film Impossible PX 600 Black Frame

Vins Grosso art


22 pensieri su “The rest of an artist

  1. I love the impossible film, it’s so temperamental and just seems to have a character of its own which can either make or break photographs sometimes. This is definitely a make.Lovely stuff!

      1. And the same to you! I personally have had very little success producing decent quality results with the film, I’d love to see some more of that on your blog soon 🙂 Thanks for the kind words, same to you!

      1. It’s happen with some rolls, but not with others. I thought at first it was because I ripped a couple apart to try something creative and thought the chemicals contaminated my other – seeing as it’s happen to both of you makes me kick my self less.

        I guess it’s best to photocopy them like you, Gianni, so we have them captured they way they once were 8)


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